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We're Hiring

We're Replacing Our HR Department!

Published on 10 June, 2021

For many, HR means restriction and control. To others, HR is there to toe the line and ensure the rules are followed; putting the business needs before its employees and finding many different ways to stifle individuality. Quite simply, we disagree with the sentiment that 'humans are just resources' and calling ourselves Human Resources sends the wrong message.

We want to be a department that truly represents who we are and what we do. Since the rise of the pandemic, we’ve seen more people working from home and huge company growth which meant we had to work on streamlining our onboarding processes. This has all led to us creating a shiny new department:

And our mission is to:

“discover and craft a diverse team built of the best people. We will deliver exciting and inclusive development opportunities, enabling our people to be their best selves. We will champion our culture and values through support and guidance, providing a best-in-class experience.”

We’re all about people, and we want to do everything we can to make working at Beyond something to be proud of. With this new and exciting chapter, we wanted to make sure we started how we mean to go on. To do this, we’ve created a set of our own values that truly represent what we stand for.

Challenge the Norm 

Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo. Just because it’s how we’ve always done it, this doesn’t make it right.

Don’t Settle for Average

If we want to be known for excellence, then we need to strive for excellence.

Our People are Important

Everything we do, we do for you.

Make Things Possible

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. If it’s worth doing, let’s make it happen.

Do the Right Thing

Make good judgement calls and do what’s morally right.

Beyond Retail is growing, and for us to continue doing great things, we need to make changes that are deeper and more meaningful than just a shiny new department name. So with that in mind, we have made some changes to help us discover, develop and support. These changes will ensure that we are giving the right support to prospective and current employees.

  • Firstly we will be splitting the training + recruitment team to enable a more dedicated focus and attention to the two key areas. This will enable us to discover talent from all over the UK, not just focused near our office space.


  • Our next step is to deliver exciting and inclusive development opportunities, enabling our people to be their best selves. We believe everyone has the potential to continuously improve, and we want to make sure we’re creating the right environment to allow that to happen.


  • Finally, we will be championing our culture and values through support and guidance, and provide the best in-class experience available. Our focus will be on everything from dealing with questions or queries relating to employment to creating amazing people-focused schemes that help move us all forward in this new remote-hybrid landscape.

How we communicate has never been so important, and calling ourselves HR was sending the wrong message. It really didn’t reflect who we are as a company. We also need to build for scale, and it was about time that we revisited the structure of the department and made changes that support growth. 

By making these changes now, we can get ahead of the curve and focus our time and attention on the areas that matter most. We hope that these changes are the first steps towards making a department that is more Beyond, and will help us help you!