Life as an Intern at Beyond

We’re currently in the process of recruiting some spritely individuals for both of our 1 year internship roles which begin in the summer, so we thought what better way to give our blog visitors an insight into life as an intern at Beyond than to talk to our current interns themselves?

There are two fantastic roles available, and we just happen to currently have an intern in both of those roles. Luckily for you they’re more than happy to give you the low-down on their individual experiences to help you understand the different parts there are to play here at Beyond Retail!

Let’s start with Ross. Ross is a Business Studies student specialising in Digital Marketing at Bournemouth University, and he currently fills the role of our Retail & Merchandising Intern. Ross’s role involves a variety of merchandising tasks such as uploading products to our three sites, content management using ecommerce platforms such as Magento and Gibe Commerce, and some pretty heavy use of Excel and Google Sheets. We asked Ross what his favourite parts about working at Beyond are, and despite ending up listing pretty much everything about the role, he made a few rather significant points! One thing our interns love is to see some real results from their placement year, and Ross assured us that he sees the impact of his work on the daily – how rewarding is that?! As he uploads products to our sites, Ross can not only see his work every time he visits one of our websites, but thanks to some handy data training from Beyond, he’s also able to track just how well his products are selling too. Who doesn’t love feeling constantly fulfilled? As with all university students, Ross is also a pretty big fan of our free snack box and joyous work socials, both company-wide and within the Digital Team!

All of our prospective interns tell us that they’re hoping to achieve some insight into the real working world during their placement year, so we asked Ross if he felt he’s achieved this over his time with us, here’s what he said:

“The role is perfect for immersing a university student like myself into the seemingly terrifying world of work without a single trace of boring corporate life, and instead with a great young team of innovative thinkers and all-round lovely people.” Ross

If the sound of those technical bits we mentioned earlier puts you off, don’t let it! Ross reassures us that since starting his placement in June last year, he has received copious amounts of training relevant to his role, and can of course consult other members of his team for help at any point – we’re a friendly bunch here at Beyond, promise!

It’s your first glimpse into the world of ecommerce and we certainly don’t expect you to enter our office an expert.

Another wonderful element our trusty Retail & Merchandising Intern discussed with us was the prospect of dipping his toes in the unknown; outside of that oh-so-hindering comforting zone. Ross explained that towards the beginning of his placement with us at Beyond, he lacked confidence in some areas, in particular with things such as communicating with our suppliers via telephone and email. Thanks to his own dedication and of course a very supportive team, Ross now has a great deal of confidence with this and has most certainly developed more skills he’ll use throughout his entire life.

Whilst we’d love to give you as much information about the delightful Ross and his experience as a Retail & Merchandising intern as we possibly can, we’d better chat about the Digital Marketing internship too. Of course, if you’d like to hear even more information about Ross’s role, you can send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Our current Digital Marketing intern is an English student who also studies at Bournemouth University. Her name is Liberty and she really, really loves the Beyond office dogs. Of course, that’s not all our Digital-Marketer-in-Training loves about life as an intern here at Beyond, but it’s definitely up there with the highlights! Liberty’s role involves a great deal of creative content production such as social media posts, writing blogs, and some rather fun Photoshop work for our websites too.

“I’m doing things that I’ve wanted to do for ages but just haven’t had the resources or mentors to help me do so before now. Take Photoshop for example, I brushed the surface of the world of Photoshop in my first year at uni, and the outcome was pretty abysmal due to a lack of training/experience, but now I’m more confident than ever and work some Photoshop magic daily. That’s what I love about being an intern at Beyond, I’m constantly developing skills that I know will be useful in my final year of university and pretty much the rest of my life too. The team are always so open to offering as much training and help as possible that I feel my role is benefitting me in more ways than I could have ever imagined – it’s a pretty delightful feeling if I’m honest!” Liberty

Being an English student, Liberty airs more on the creative side of life, but since we like to push people to their full potential here at Beyond, she’s also become accustomed to using data to report on her work. And despite a strong hatred for all things numbers, she’s pretty pleased she’s picking up skills she never imagined she’d be able to develop too!

As our resident Digital Marketing Intern, Liberty informed us just how much she adores the trust and creative freedom given to her by the Beyond Digital Team – with some pretty big projects and various creative tasks, Liberty explained that one of her favourite elements of the placement is the fact she doesn’t feel like a student, but instead like a trusted and valued member of the team: “when I’m given projects to work on I get my brief, and then creatively there’s a great deal of trust given to me as I’m free to produce my own ideas – it’s very rewarding being trusted to give great quality work using your own ideas and suggestions, rather than simply a set piece of work.”

Sounds like we have a pair of very happy interns, right? In fact, Liberty loves her role so much we can’t get rid of her – she’ll be staying with us part time during her final year of university!

Whilst both of our internship opportunities take place within the Digital Team, we’re all about giving our team members some insight into the other teams here at Beyond which is why we offer some shadowing opportunities to all of our new starters. Both Liberty and Ross were lucky enough to spend a little bit of time with our other teams to see just how smoothly things run when we all work together. They both gave some great feedback and explained that the shadowing helped them understand their own roles better too, and how they fit into the team as a whole.

As our interns will tell you, there’s a plethora of fantastic reasons to join the team at Beyond, from the gorgeous office dogs, to our brand new shiny offices, and of course there’s the simply wonderful family of people in such a relaxed environment. What more could you ask for from an internship?

As you’ve probably gathered, our lovely interns could talk for years about how wonderful their time has been so far with us here at Beyond, but sometimes seeing really is believing. If you’re a university student in search of a truly fulfilling placement year, we strongly suggest you apply here – you won’t regret it!